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Analysis of the WUSCHEL-RELATED HOMEOBOX gene family in the conifer picea abies reveals extensive conservation as well as dynamic patterns

Hedman, Harald; Zhu, Tianqing; Von Arnold, Sara; Sohlberg, Joel Jansson


Conclusions: Our study shows that all major radiations within the WOX gene family took place before the angiosperm-gymnosperm split and that there has been a recent expansion within the intermediate clade in the Pinaceae family. Furthermore, we show that the genes from the intermediate clade are preferentially expressed during embryo development in Picea abies. Our data also indicates that there are clear orthologs of both WUS and WOX5 present in the P. abies genome.


Picea abies; Somatic embryogenesis; WOX genes

Published in

BMC Plant Biology
2013, Volume: 13, article number: 89

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