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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2003

Determination of the Gibbs Energies of Transfer for some Monovalent Ions from Water to Triethylphosphite

Smirnov P, Persson I


dThe Gibbs energies of transfer, Delta(t)G(o), for 9 monovalent ions from water to triethylphosphite are reported. The Gibbs energies of transfer have been determined from solubility product measurements of 1:1 salts. The extrathermodynamic tetraphenylarsonium tetraphenylborate (TATB) assumption has been applied in order to calculate the contribution from the individual ions. It is shown that soft electron-pair acceptors such as the silver(I) ion are strongly solvated in triethylphosphite, while hard electron acceptors with low charge density such as the alkali metal ions are almost equally solvated in triethylphosphite and water. The inorganic anions are so weakly solvated in triethylphosphite that solubility product measurements were not possible to perform with sufficient accuracy on salts with inorganic anions due to low solubilities. The only anions studied are tetraphenylborate and picrate

Published in

Journal of Molecular Liquids
2003, Volume: 102, number: 03-jan, pages: 241-250

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