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Knowledge Production and Learning for Sustainable Landscapes: Forewords by the Researchers and Stakeholders

Angelstam, Per; Elbakidze, Marine; Axelsson, Robert; Koch, Niels Elers; Tyupenko, Tatiana I; Mariev, Alexandr N.; Myhrman, Lennart


This special issue of AMBIO presents a new approach to sustainability science that goes beyond interdisciplinary research. Using coupled natural and human systems, or landscapes, as multiple case studies in Europe's East and West knowledge production and learning toward transdisciplinary research was applied in Sweden, countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia. First, the research group Forest-Landscape-Society summarizes the research program (2005-2012) behind this special issue of AMBIO and its development to participate in transdisciplinary research. Second, stakeholders at multiple levels provide their views on the new approach presented and reported.


Sustainability science; Transdisciplinary; Ecosystem services; Natural experiment; Europe; Russia

Published in

AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment
2013, Volume: 42, number: 2, pages: 111-115
Publisher: SPRINGER