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Proceedings (editor) - Peer-reviewed, 2013

Water landscapes and urbanization: design, ecology and management


The published proceedings of the conference “Water landscapes and urbanization: design, ecology and management” comprises selected abstracts in English and Russian. The conference is held in St. Petersburg, Russia on the 5–7 June 2013, and is an initiative supported by Saint-Petersburg Administration, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University. The abstracts came through the review process organized by the Conference Scientific Committee (Dr. Maria Ignatieva (Sweden) and Dr. Irina Melnichuk (Russia). The main objective of this international scientific conference is to raise the attention and awareness among scientists, urban planners, hydrologists, ecologists, professional landscape architects, city administrations and other appropriate stakeholders, about water landscapes in urban environments. The focus will be on the understanding of modern and heritage water landscapes, evaluation of its ecological and cultural values, visions of blue infrastructures and mitigation of consequences of globalisation and climate change. St. Petersburg is the truly city of water landscapes with Neva River, numerous tributaries, canals, streams, fountains and wetlands. St. Petersburg history and culture is based around the water theme. The conference focus is reinforced by the widely international conference participants, who come from Russia, Sweden, UK, Germany, USA, France, Peru, Iran, Austria, the Netherlands and Portugal.

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Publisher: Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University: Polytechnic University Publishing House

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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Urban and Rural Development
Melnichuk, Irina
St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University

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Landscape Architecture

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