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Book chapter - Peer-reviewed, 2014

Large-scale land acquisition in Tanzania: a critical analyses of practices and dynamics

Abdallah, Jumanne; Engström, Linda; Havnevik, Kjell; Salomonsson, Lennart


This chapter presents the current status of agrofuel investments in Tanzania and uses empirical data from three cases of large-scale investments for agrofuel production in the Rufiji, Bagamoyo, and Meru districts to provide snapshots of what is happening on the ground. The chapter also describes and analyses the history and trends in large-scale agricultural investments in Tanzania and key land acquisition processes, as well as the role of the state and other actors.


large scale agriculture, land acquisition, Tanzania

Published in

Book title: The global land grab: beyond the hype
ISBN: 978 1 78032 895 9
Publisher: Zed Books