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Research article2003Peer reviewed

Influence of extender, temperature, and addition of glycerol on post-thaw sperm parameters in ram semen

Gil J, Lundeheim N, Soderquist L, Rodriguez-Martinez H


Using a two-step extension methodology, two experiments were conducted using a split-sample design to compare the effect on post-thaw ram sperm parameters of a milk-based extender (Experiment 1) containing four different egg yolk concentrations (5% [M5], 10% [M10], 15% [M15], and 20% [M20]), and a commercially available extender (Bioexcell(R); IMV, L'Aigle, France) free from additives of animal origin, containing two different final glycerol concentrations (3.2% [B] and 6.4% [BB]) (Experiment 2). In both experiments, glycerol was added either at 5 degreesC or at 15 degreesC together with the second fraction of each extender. The sperm characteristics assessed were motility (measured subjectively [SM] and by means of cell motion analysis (CASA)), membrane integrity (SYBR-14/PI), and capacitation status (chlortetracycline (CTC)/EthD-1). Results of Experiment I showed no significant positive effect of increasing the concentration of egg yolk above 10% on post-thaw motility, membrane integrity, or induction of sperm capacitation-like changes. In Experiment 2, Bioexcell(R) (BB) yielded similar post-thaw results as did the milk extender (control). In both experiments, post-thaw sperm parameters were better preserved when glycerol was added at 5 degreesC, although the results were not always statistically significant for all variables studied. In conclusion, when using milk-based extenders for freezing ram semen, low (5-10%) concentrations of egg yolk and the addition of glycerol at 5 degreesC are recommended. Furthermore, the results indicate that when freezing ram semen, Bioexcell(R) containing 6.4% glycerol may be used as an alternative extender to the conventional milk extender containing 5% egg yolk. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved

Published in

2003, Volume: 59, number: 5-6, pages: 1241-1255