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Children's perspectives on vegetation establishment: Implications for school ground greening

Jansson, Märit; Gunnarsson, Allan; Mårtensson, Fredrika; Andersson, Sarah


School ground greening might provide multiple benefits for children across age, gender and competence through allowing participation in the greening process and experience of nature and vegetation. However, the process of school ground greening must nurture a positive relationship between children and newly planted vegetation during the first years after establishment. This study explored how green space planning, management and maintenance approaches influence children’s school ground use and experiences through a series of field observations following establishment of new vegetation in a landscaped area at a school in Malmö, Sweden. The methods included documentation of vegetation, observations of use and interviews with children and teachers on three occasions during one and a half years following the first planting. The greening approach appeared successful, especially for younger children (up to around 11 years), who were more positive and also used the area more than older children. They also used it for pretend play, which was rare in the school ground before greening. Experiences from continuous participation and physical use appeared important for children establishing a positive and caring relationship with the landscaped area. The results suggest that school ground greening should be well integrated with pedagogic activities. Damage to woody vegetation can be limited by establishing other landscape elements that are attractive for play and by using fences without hindering access.


Children's participation; Landscape management; School grounds; Vegetation establishment

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Urban Forestry and Urban Greening
2014, Volym: 13, nummer: 1, sidor: 166-174