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Research article2013Peer reviewed

Sequence variation in mitochondrial ATP synthase subunit 6 & 8 and nuclear genes ITS1 and ITS2 in 17 cyprinid species

Demandt, M. H.


Sequence variation for the mitochondrial ATP synthase subunit 6 & 8 and the nuclear ITS1 marker was investigated for 17 cyprinid fish species in order to increase the number of possible loci for character sampling. The mitochondrial locus provided appropriate information for further phylogenetic studies, which can be readily applied to other taxa; the nuclear ITS1, however, cannot be recommended for inference of relationships among different taxa. No congruence was obtained between the trees resulting from the mitochondrial and nuclear gene using Bayesian Inference.

Published in

Journal of Applied Ichthyology
2013, Volume: 29, number: 1, pages: 278-280

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