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Report, 2014

Sustainable Bergslagen

Angelstam, Per; Axelsson, Robert


Bergslagen in south-central Sweden is an informal region with a long history of intensive land use. The legacies of than 2000 years of integrated use of ore, forests and water major national and international economic importance now involve several challenges for the maintenance of landscapes. This includes sustainability of rural and urban communities, of green infrastructures for natural capital and human well-being as well as of forests, river basins and mining. In response to this cross-sectoral integration necessary at multiple levels of public, private and civil as well as academia and schools. Landscapes need thus to be viewed as integrated socio-ecological systems. Collaboration and continuous learning among actors and stakeholders are needed for sustainable use and management of landscapes’ goods, services and values. To support this requires (1) data, monitoring and assessment of different aspects of sustainability, (2) continuous knowledge production about material and immaterial landscape values relevant for the management of ecological, economic, social and cultural dimensions, (3) information and communication using both traditional media, as well as (4) through art and culture. the vision to contribute to satisfying these requirements Sustainable Bergslagen initiative emerged gradually since 2004 as a multi-level partnership for sustainable landscapes ( By joining the International Model Forest Network (IMFN), and the network for Long Term Socio-Economic and Ecological Research (LTSER), actors and stakeholders can learn from other regions’ sustainable development processes, and make Bergslagen more visible internationally.


rural development; regional development; community led local development; sustainability; green infrastructures; ecosystem services; adaptive governance; Model Forest; LTSER

Published in

Euroscapes report
2014, number: 2014:4
Publisher: Forest-Landscape-Society Research Network, School for Forest Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Authors' information

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, School for Forest Management
Axelsson, Robert
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, School for Forest Management

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Political Science (excluding Public Administration Studies and Globalization Studies)
Cultural Studies
Forest Science
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary

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