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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2012

Green qualities in the neighbourhood and mental health - results from a longitudinal cohort study in Southern Sweden

Annerstedt, Matilda; Östergren, P-O; Björk, Jonas; Grahn, Patrik; Skärbäck, Erik; Währborg, Peter


Conclusions: The results do not directly support the hypothesis of a preventive mental health effect by access to the green qualities. However, the additive effect of serene nature to physical activity contributed to better mental health at follow-up. This tendency was equal for both sexes, but statistically significant only for women. Objective landscape assessments may be important in detangling geographic determinants of health. This study stresses the importance of considering interaction effects when dealing with disorders of multifactorial background.


Environment; Population health; Stress; Salutogenic; GIS; Landscape assessment; Synergistic effect; Physical activity; GHQ12

Published in

BMC Public Health
2012, Volume: 12, number: 337