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Conference abstract, 2005

First record of the white potato cyst nematode, Globodera pallida, in Argentina

Manduric, Sanja; Lax, Paola; Doucet, M; Gallardo, C; de, L’Argentier S M


The production of Andean potato (Solanum tuberosum spp. andigena) is an important resource in the Andes region of northern Argentina. Roots of this plant, with origin in the department of Iruya (Province of Salta), have been recently found attacked by cysts of the genus Globodera. Morphological and morphometric studies at different life stages, as well as the sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) of the ribosomal DNA showed that the population considered belongs to the species G. pallida. This nematode is one of the main pathogens of potato crops in the world. Although the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) indicated a restricted distribution of the nematode in the country, there is no accurate reference to confirm its presence. Hence, this work is the first record of the nematode in continental Argentina. Complementary studies should be conducted to evaluate its distribution in the Andean region and its effect on potato production

Published in

Acta Biochimica Polonica
2005, pages: 1


XIIIth Latin American Phytopathological Congress

Authors' information

Manduric, Sanja
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Crop Science
de L’Argentier, S. M.
Doucet, M.
Lax, Paola
Gallardo, C.

UKÄ Subject classification

Agricultural Science

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