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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2011

Two novel types of hexokinases in the moss Physcomitrella patens

Nilsson, Anders; Olsson, Tina; Ulfstedt, Mikael; Thelander, Mattias; Ronne, Hans


Conclusions: We conclude that the hexokinase gene family is more diverse in Physcomitrella, encoding two additional types of hexokinases that are absent in vascular plants. In particular, the presence of a cytosolic and nuclear hexokinase (type C) sets Physcomitrella apart from vascular plants, and instead resembles yeast, where all hexokinases localize to the cytosol. The fact that all moss hexokinases are more similar to each other than to hexokinases from vascular plants, even though both type A and type B hexokinases are present in all plants, further suggests that the hexokinase gene family in Physcomitrella has undergone concerted evolution.

Published in

BMC Plant Biology
2011, Volume: 11