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Research article, 2003

La microflora nei sistemi di coltivazione fuori suolo

Joeke, Postma; John, M Whipps; Walter, Wohanka; Alsanius, Beatrix


Rcent research has shown that the microflora present in soilless systems is important for suppression of root pathogens. However, little is known of the microbial characteristics that are involved in this suppression. In the current project, a combination of microbial methods has been used to characterise different aspects of the microflora, with the aim to identifiy treatments which keep the soilless system in balance microbiolly. Many data on the microflora were obtained for cucumber, tomato and gerbera crops grown in soilless systems. The results showed a very clear change in the microflora during crop development. Often a more diverse bacterial population and higher numbers of fungi developed during the experiments. Also an early introcution of micro-organisms (i.e. Trichoderma sp. and a micxture of actinomycetes) influenced the microbial population. Desinfection of the recirculating nutrient solution, however, had only a small effect on the microbial characteristics. To increase the suppressiveness of a soilless system is therefore most likely by introducing well adapted antagonistic organisms at the start of the crop or by influencing the microflora through the crop itself or its growing conditions, lie pH


hydroponics; greenhouse systems; suppressiveness; disinfestation

Published in

Informatore Fitopatologico
2003, Volume: 53, number: 3, pages: 35-39

      SLU Authors

    • Alsanius, Beatrix

      • Department of Crop Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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    Food Science

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