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Research article2010Peer reviewed

Rate of change of heart size before congestive heart failure in dogs with mitral regurgitation

Lord, Peter; Hansson, Kerstin; Kvart, Clarence; Häggström, Jens


Methods: Records and radiographs from 24 cavalier King Charles spaniels with mitral regurgitation were used. Vertebral heart scale (24 dogs), and left atrial dimension and left ventricular end diastolic and end systolic diameters (18 dogs) and their rate of increase were measured at intervals over years to the onset of congestive heart failure. They were plotted against time to onset of congestive heart failure.Results: Dimensions and rates of change of all parameters were highest at onset of congestive heart failure, the difference between observed and chance outcome being highly significant using a two-tailed chi-square test (P < 0 center dot 001).Clinical significance: The left heart chambers increase in size rapidly only in the last year before the onset of congestive heart failure. Increasing left ventricular end systolic dimension is suggestive of myocardial failure before the onset of congestive heart failure. Rate of increase of heart dimensions may be a useful indicator of impending congestive heart failure.

Published in

Journal of Small Animal Practice
2010, Volume: 51, number: 4, pages: 210-218