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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2010

Responses of eight boreal flat bug (Heteroptera: Aradidae) species to clear-cutting and forest fire

Johansson, Therese; Hjältén, Joakim; Stenbacka, Fredrik; Dynesius, Mats


Boreal flat bugs include a high proportion of species that are considered negatively affected by forestry. Knowledge on the biology and habitat demands of individual species is generally limited. We examined the influence on flat bugs of stand-age and clear-cutting, comparing five classes of spruce stands. The five classes were: clear-cut, unthinned, and thinned (all three products of current clear-cutting forestry), mature managed and old-growth stands (these two had never been clear-cut). We also compared unburned and recently burned mature pine forest. Fire, but not stand age, had a pronounced effect on species richness and total abundance. Aradus depressus showed a significant association with older forest stands. Aradus betulae occurred only in clear-cuts and burned forest indicating that this species is favored by disturbance in general. Aradus lugubris, Aradus crenaticollis and Aradus brevicollis were found only in the burned forest. Aradus brevicollis has not previously been shown to be associated with fire.


Aradidae; Forest fire; Stand-age; Forest management; Clear-cutting; Habitat demands

Published in

Journal of Insect Conservation
2010, Volume: 14, number: 1, pages: 3-9
Publisher: SPRINGER