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Conference paper2014

Overview of the Mendelian Sampling Variance Test Pilot Study

Palucci, Valentina; Jorjani, Hossein; Dürr, Joao; Tyrisevä, A.-M.


A software for calculating the Mendelian sampling variance has been developed by MTT for Interbull service users. In 2013 the software and its methodology was approved by the Interbull Technical Committee to be tested in a pilot study with real countries data. Countries were asked to test the software on two different group of traits: a group of traits with medium-high heritability (protein, stature and somatic cells score) including results for both males and females; two traits of their choice with heritability lower than 0.1 with results restricted only to males. A total of 21 countries participated in the pilot study. Data received were mostly related to the Holstein breed, and for low heritable traits countries chose most commonly direct longevity and fertility related traits. Overall, 50 (26%) country-breed-trait combinations failed the test. Some more investigations will be needed to better understand the reasons behind their failure. The following paper presents an overview of the data received by countries and of the trend test results.

Published in

Interbull bulletin
2014, Volume: 48, pages: 58-62 Title: Proceedings of the 2014 Interbull Meeting
Publisher: Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics


The 2014 Interbull Meeting