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Studies on the host range of the barley strain of Wheat dwarf virus using an agroinfectious viral clone

Ramsell, Jon; Boulton, Margaret; Martin, Darren; Valkonen, Jari; Kvarnheden, Anders


Comparative analysis of the host ranges of the barley and wheat strains of Wheat dwarf virus (WDV; family Geminiviridae; genus Mastrevirus) in Europe has been severely hampered by the lack of an infectious clone of the barley strain. To remedy this situation an agroinfectious clone of a Hungarian isolate of the barley strain (WDV-Bar[HU]) was constructed and its virulence tested in barley (Hordeum vulgare), wheat (Triticum aestivum), rye (Secale cereale) and oat (Avena sativa) by agroinoculation. Although all four species could be systemically infected by the isolate, infections were asymptomatic in the rye and oat cultivars tested. WDV-Bar[HU] induced chlorosis and stunting symptoms typical of WDV in barley, while in wheat low infection rates but high mortality of infected seedlings were observed. In contrast, a much higher percentage of wheat plants agroinoculated with a wheat-strain isolate (WDV-[Enk1]) became systemically infected. WDV-[Enk1] in wheat caused symptoms similar to those caused by WDV-Bar[HU] in barley. WDV-Bar[HU] was leafhopper-transmissible to barley seedlings, in which it caused typical WDV symptoms; geminate virus particles were isolated from the infected leaves. Comparison of the genomic sequences of 11 barley strain isolates from Europe and Turkey revealed that whereas WDV-Bar[HU] represents a typical barley-strain isolate that is not detectably recombinant, the Turkish barley isolate (WDV-Bar[TR]) is probably a recombinant between a barley-strain isolate and an as-yet-undescribed WDV-like mastrevirus species.


agroinoculation; geminivirus; mastrevirus; phylogeny; recombination; strain

Published in

Plant Pathology
2009, Volume: 58, number: 6, pages: 1161-1169

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