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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2014

Functions for estimating aboveground biomass of birch in Norway

Smith, Aaron; Granhus, Aksel; Astrup, Rasmus; Bollandsås, Ole Martin; Petersson, Hans


A suite of regional allometric aboveground biomass functions were derived for Betula pubescens and Betula pendula for Norwegian conditions. The data consisted of 67 trees sampled throughout Norway. A total of 14 component functions were developed for total aboveground, total stem, stemwood, stem bark, live crown, live branch, leaf, and dead branch biomass using combinations of diameter at breast height and height as predictor variables. Application of the derived functions to existing local southern Norwegian mountain birch and regional Swedish biomass datasets indicated an overall good predictive ability of the developed functions. However, the functions produced slight underestimates, suggesting that the respective birch populations had differing biomass allocation patterns. When the developed functions were applied to Norwegian National Forest Inventory data, they produced slightly higher biomass stock and stock change estimates than what is obtained using existing Swedish functions. The higher estimates were evident in the north, central, and western part of Norway, while estimates were similar in southeastern Norway where growing conditions are most similar to Swedish conditions. The analysis indicates that the derived functions are the best available for regional birch biomass stock and stock change estimation in Norway.


national biomass; biomass functions; allometry; birch; Kyoto Protocol; mixed-effects

Published in

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2014, Volume: 29, number: 6, pages: 565-578

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    Forest Science

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