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Water Framework Directive Intercalibration Technical Report: Northern lake fish fauna ecological assessment methods

Olin, Mikko; Holmgren, Kerstin; Rask, Martti; Allen, Michelle; Connor, Lynda; Duguid, Alistair; Duncan, Willie; Harrison, Andrew; Hesthagen, Trygve; Kelly, Fiona; Kinnerbäck, Anders; Rosell, Robert; Saksgård, Randi; Rask, Martti
Poikane, Sandra (ed.)


One of the key actions identified by the Water Framework Directive (WFD; 2000/60/EC) is to develop ecological assessment tools and carry out a European intercalibration (IC) exercise. The aim of the Intercalibration is to ensure that the values assigned by each Member State to the good ecological class boundaries are consistent with the Directive’s generic description of these boundaries and comparable to the boundaries proposed by other MS. In total, 83 lake assessment methods were submitted for the 2nd phase of the WFD intercalibration (2008-2012) and 62 intercalibrated and included in the EC Decision on Intercalibration (EC 2013). The intercalibration was carried out in the 13 Lake Geographical Intercalibration Groups according to the ecoregion and biological quality element. In this report we describe how the intercalibration exercise has been carried out in the Northern Lake Fish fauna group.

Published in

EUR (Luxembourg)
2014, number: JRC88342
ISBN: 978-92-79-35474-8
Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union