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Conference abstract2014

Kinetics and antibody isotype profile in calves intranasally primed with BRSV Delta SH: effects of parenteral boosting with human (H)RSV proteins and implications in protection against BRSV

Makabi-Panzu, Boby; Eleouet, Jean-Francois; Riffault, Sabine; Hägglund, Sara; Blodörn, Krister; Pringle, John; Thom, Michelle; Valarcher, Jean Francois; Taylor, Geraldine


BRSV, which is a major cause of respiratory disease in young calves, is closely related to HRSV, the most important cause of respiratory disease in young infants. There are no commercially available HRSV vaccines and BRSV vaccines are poorly effective in calves with maternal antibodies. We have investigated the kinetics of the BRSV-specific B-cell responses in calves with maternally derived antibodies (MDA) following intranasal (i.n.) priming with BRSV lacking the SH gene (BRSV∆SH), and intramuscular (i.m.) boosting with a protein-based subunit vaccine consisting of recombinant HRSV proteins: N nanorings, P and M1-2, in Montanide ISA 71 adjuvant (SUMONT), in relation to protection. Following i.n. vaccination with ∆SH BRSV, calves did not develop a detectable local or systemic antibody response, or detectable circulating BRSV-specific plasma cells. However, following i.m. boosting with SUMONT, there was a strong production of all antibody isotypes in serum and nasal secretions, with detectable circulating BRSV-specific plasma cells. Following challenge with wild-type BRSV, all vaccinated calves developed a rapid secondary mucosal and serum antibody response. A rapid increase in serum neutralising antibodies was detected in all groups of vaccinated calves excepted for some calves primed i.n. with ∆SH BRSV on two occasions. All vaccination regimes induced some protection against BRSV challenge. However, protection did not appear to correlate with induction of neutralising antibodies.

Published in

2014, Volume: 143, number: Suppl. 2, pages: 77-77


British Society for Immunology Annual Congress