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Research article2014Peer reviewed

Studying the use of forest management decision support systems : an initial synthesis of lessons learned from case studies compiled using a semantic wiki

Gordon, Sean N.; Floris, Antonio; Boerboom, Luc; Lämås, Tomas; Eriksson Ljusk, Ola; Nieuwenhuis, Maarten; Garcia, Jordi; Rodriguez, Luiz


In order to share information on the development and use of forest management decision support systems (FMDSS), a European-initiated network has established a wiki website as part of its activities. Case studies and associated lessons learned were solicited from the network using semantic structures built on the wiki. A total of 31 cases from 10 different countries and 80 associated lessons were entered into the wiki. The resulting lessons were categorized (non-exclusively) using four major themes: (1) decision support system architecture and design (40 lessons), (2) methods and models (26), (3) knowledge management processes (34) and (4) participatory processes (32). The semantic wiki proved useful for gathering case information and relating it to other information objects, such as FMDSS software descriptions; however, it was not as well suited to the task of analysis and synthesis as commercial qualitative analysis software packages. Future development possibilities for the semantic structures are suggested, and more cases are solicited from the FMDSS community.


forest planning; decision support systems; case studies; lessons; collaboration technologies

Published in

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2014, Volume: 29, pages: 44-55