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Report, 2014

Forest soil carbon sink in the Nordic region

Gundersen, Per; Persson, Tryggve; Ågren, Göran; Olsson, Bengt; Fröberg, Mats; Karltun, Erik; Hyvönen, Riitta; Lazdiņa, Dagnija


A Nordic/Baltic network was established to connect research groups working on soil carbon storage and dynamics. The region stores vast amounts of carbon in soil organic matter that may be sensitive to increasing temperatures and intensified biomass harvest. The experimental research of the network focussed on the effects of tree species, harvesting regimes, nitrogen deposition, soil warming and land use change on soil organic carbon stocks and their sensitivity to change. Process studies particularly on belowground allocation of plant carbon and the role of mycorrhiza were also performed. Regional differences in the soil carbon stocks were explored in monitoring data and forest models were used for long term predictions.

Published in

IGN Rapport
ISBN: 978-87-7903-684-0
Publisher: Department of geosciences and natural resource management, University of Copenhagen