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Research article2003Peer reviewed

Bioavailability of the organophosphorous insecticide chlorpyrifos to the suspension-feeding bivalve, Mercenaria mercenaria, following exposure to dissolved and particulate matter

Bejarano AC, Widenfalk A, Decho AW, Chandler GT


Under estuarine conditions, hydrophobic pesticides undergo physical/chemical partitioning into dissolved and particulate fractions of sediments. Our experimental study using C-14-chlorpyrifos (C-14-CHPY) showed that sorptive associations of this common insecticide with particulate (>0.2 mum) and dissolved fractions (<0.2 mum) of sediments strongly influenced uptake, tissue absorption, and elimination in the estuarine bivalve Mercenaria mercenaria. Bivalves were fed algae mixed with particulate and dissolved fractions of C-14-CHPY-contaminated estuarine sediment particles, components of estuarine sediments (silica, humic acids), and a naturally occurring food source (phytoplankton) to quantify relative uptake, tissue absorption efficiencies, and elimination of C-14-CHPY. Measurements of C-14-CHPY tissue absorption efficiencies (AE%) indicated that particle source qualities influenced much of the insecticide bioavailability. Mean tissue AE% of C-14-CHPY associated with different particulate fractions ranged from 23 to 31%, while uptake from the dissolved/colloidal forms resulted in low (7-17%) AE%. Our data indicated that C-14-CHPY is more likely to bioaccumulate through ingestion of contaminated particulate material than through filtration/ingestion of dissolved/colloidal material. The high selectivity and digestibility of algae particles by M. mercenaria, a potentially ingested food source, may play an important role in the bioavailability of chlorpyrifos in this animal

Published in

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
2003, Volume: 22, number: 9, pages: 2100-2105
Publisher: SETAC

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    Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use

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