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Research article2014Peer reviewed

Forensic veterinary pathology, today's situation and perspectives

Ottinger, Therese; Rasmusson, B.; Hård af Segerstad, Carl; Merck, M.; Goot, F. v. d.; Olsén, Lena; Gavier-Widen, Dolores


To investigate the current status of forensic veterinary pathology, a survey was composed directed at pathology laboratories and institutes, mostly in Europe. The questions included number of and type of cases, resources available, level of special training of the investigating pathologists and the general view on the current status and future of the discipline. The surveys were sent to 134 laboratories and were returned by 72 respondents of which 93 per cent work on forensic pathology cases. The results indicate scarcity of training opportunities and special education, and insufficient veterinary-specific reference data and information on forensic analyses. More cooperation with human forensic pathology was desired by many respondents, as was more interaction across country borders.

Published in

Veterinary Record
2014, Volume: 175, number: 18