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Research article2005Peer reviewed

Effect of cervical and vaginal insemination with liquid semen stored at room temperature on fertility of goats

Paulenz H, Soderquist L, Adnoy T, Soltun K, Saether PA, Fjellsoy KR, Berg KA


The effect of vaginal and cervical deposition of liquid semen stored at room temperature on the fertility of goats was tested in a field trial in which 217 Norwegian Dairy goats aged between 6 months and 7.5 years from 14 farms were inseminated after natural oestrous. Cervical insemination with 200 x 106 spermatozoa resulted in 25-day non-return and kidding rates of 87.0 and 78.0%, and vaginal insemination gave 85.5 and 74.3%, respectively. There was no significant difference between the cervical and vaginal inseminations (P = 0.59 for the 25-day non-return and P = 0.40 for the kidding rates). Farm had a significant effect on the 25-day non-return rate (P = 0.03) but not on the kidding rate (P = 0.07). There were no significant differences between the fertility rates for different bucks (P = 0.36 for the 25-day non-return and P = 0.15 for the kidding rates). Fertility results after vaginal insemination were encouragingly high. Vaginal insemination is a simple, less costly and time consuming technique compared to others, also bringing into focus the animal welfare aspects of the artificial insemination procedure. As the final goal is to establish a technique that could be applied similarly on a large scale by all farmers, vaginal insemination must be considered as a method that would simplify the use of liquid buck semen in Norway. (c) 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved

Published in

Animal Reproduction Science
2005, Volume: 86, number: 1-2, pages: 109-117 Publisher: ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV