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Towards understanding human tree selection behaviour

Pommerening, Arne; Vítková, Lucie; Pallarés Ramos, Carlos; Zhao, Xin


Understanding how humans select trees for professional and non-professional purposes is crucial to sustainable forest management.
Since the mid 1990s data collection methods and experiments have been designed to measure human tree selection behaviour.
This research fills the gap between natural sciences and psychology; it also constitutes citizen science at the same time.
First results indicate that agreement between different test persons is comparatively low.
Humans tend to behave conservatively when asked to select trees differently and disagreement increases in such situations.
Our research has brought to light that manypeople have wrong perceptions about their tree selection styles and that their marking behaviour can differ markedly when selecting the same trees repeatedly.
Research into human tree selection behaviour has great potential for novel, interdisciplinary studies.

Published in

Fakta. Skog
2015, number: 2015:9
Publisher: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences