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Konferensartikel, 2015

Developing biomass supply systems for forested marginal land in Sweden

Fernandez Lacruz, Raul; Bergström, Dan
Fernandez Lacruz, Raul (red.); Bergström, Dan (red.)


The demand for small-diameter trees is expected to increase with the development of a bio-based society. Forested marginal land can provide significant amounts of small-diameter trees, estimated to be 5-10 TWh/year in Sweden. Typical marginal land in northern Sweden was inventoried, the productivity of the forestry machinery used on the land measured, and the cost of wood fuel delivery using different supply systems calculated. Of the systems studied, the most cost-effective used a bundler-harvester in combination with a conventional forwarder (or alternatively a farm tractor), a timber truck for transportation of bundles, and comminution at the factory. However, the size and condition of marginal sites can differ widely, so flexible systems are required to maintain high levels of efficiency. Further development and integration of harvesting marginal land with conventional forest land could decrease the delivery costs of small-diameter trees.


wood fuel, overgrown farmland, small-diameter tree, early thinning, bundler-harvester

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Boktitel: Abstracts and Proceedings of the 48th FORMEC Symposium 2015 Forest Engineering Making a positive contribution
ISBN: 978-3-900932-29-9
Utgivare: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences


48th FORMEC Symposium 2015 Forest Engineering. Making a positive contribution