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Conference paper2015Peer reviewedOpen access

Data assimilation in forest inventory, first empirical results using ALS data

Nyström, Mattias; Lindgren, Nils; Wallerman, Jörgen; Grafström, Anton; Muszta, Anders; Nyström, Kenneth; Ståhl, Göran; Olsson, Håkan


A first data assimilation case study using a time series of ALS for updating forest stand data is presented. Forest stand data are predicted from each ALS acquisition. Kalman filtering and growth models are then used to combine each new ALS based prediction with forecasts from the previous data acquisition.


data assimilation; ALS; LiDAR; forest inventory

Published in

Title: Proceedings of SilviLaser 2015

Publisher: SilviLaser


SilviLaser 2015.