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Report, 2015

Mistra Biotech : annual report 2014

Lehrman, Anna (ed.)


Mistra Biotech is an interdisciplinary research programme focusing on use of biotechnology for sustainable and competitive agriculture and food systems. Our vision is to contribute to the processes that will enable the Swedish agricultural and food sector to producean increased amount of high-quality, healthy food at moderate costs with less input, decreased environmental impacts, and healthier crops and livestock. The goal is sustainable production systems from ecological, social, and economic perspectives. We perform research in both the natural and the social sciences.Our research in the natural sciences is aimed at utilizing the potential of agricultural biotechnology to contribute to more sustainable food production with healthier products and fewer environmental impacts. With ability comes responsibility, and we take the concerns that have been raised about potential negative effects of biotechnology applications on human health and the environment very seriously. For us, safety, control, and transparency are essential regardless of which technology is used.
Our research in the social sciences has its focus on the social, economic, and ethical aspects of the use of biotechnology in agricultural production. We study consumer attitudes and behaviours related to the use of agricultural biotechnology for food products and investigate issues related to governance and regulation inthe Swedish agri-food system. Our social research has a strong focus on sustainability issues and on the perspectives of stakeholders in the food production systems.
Research at Mistra Biotech is organised into six component projects (CPs). Five of these focus on the following research areas: new plant products, new technologies, ethics, consumer attitudes, and legislations/ markets. The results from these CPs are integrated into the sixth CP that focus on analysis and synthesis.


biotechnology, GM crops, GMO,

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Publisher: Mistra Biotech, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet