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Diversity and evolution of potato mop-top virus

Beuch, Ulrike; Berlin Kolm, Sofia; Åkerblom, Jonas; Nicolaisen, Mogens; Nielsen, Sten Lykke; Crosslin, James M.; Hamm, Philip B.; Santala, Johanna; Valkonen, Jari P. T.; Kvarnheden, Anders


Nearly complete sequences of RNA-CP and 3'-proximal RNA-TGB were determined for 43 samples of potato mop-top virus (PMTV) originating from potato tubers and field soil from Sweden, Denmark and the USA. The results showed limited diversity and no strict geographical grouping, suggesting only a few original introductions of PMTV from the Andes. Two distinguishable types of RNA-CP and RNA-TGB were found in the samples, but no specific combination of them correlated with spraing symptoms in tubers. Lack of positive selection in the coding sequences indicates that there is no specific molecular adaptation of PMTV to new vectors or hosts.


Genetic variability; Phylogeny; Plant disease; Potato mop-top virus; Selection pressure; Solanum tuberosum

Published in

Archives of Virology
2015, Volume: 160, number: 5, pages: 1345-1351

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