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Environmental Aspects of Willow Cultivation for Bioenergy

Grelle, Achim


Aims and ScopeWith oil resources approaching their limits, biofuels have become increasingly attractive. This book provides a detailed description of the ecological implications of second and third generation biofuel feedstock production systems, beginning with an introduction to the importance of ecological sustainability alongside economic viability. The book is divided into sections describing theoretical foundation and benefits of various biofuel cropping systems, and providing a description of practical ecological limitations to achieve those fundamental benefits. The book covers such critical issues as greenhouse gas emissions, carbon balance, water cycle components, other biogeochemical and socioeconomic interactions alongside life cycle analysis principals for achieving sustainability. These are some of the most important sustainability, environmental and economic issues which biofuel industry and scientific community is seeking answers to.

Published in

Ecosystem Science and Applications
2015, pages: 119-134 Title: Sustainable Biofuels: an Ecological Assessment of the Future Energy
ISBN: 978-3-11-027589-6
Publisher: de Gruyter

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    Climate Research
    Environmental Sciences
    Forest Science

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