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Research article2015Peer reviewed

Norden multimesh gill net for fish sampling in lotic environments

Fjälling, Arne; Degerman, Erik; Johansson, Ulf


Reliable data on species composition, length-frequency distribution and relative density of freshwater fish are difficult to obtain for some stream habitats. Present methods, with electro-fishing being the most important one, are not useful where the conditions are unfavourable, as in deep, turbulent or turbid waters. A new sampling method focusing on fish in stream habitats is presented in this study. The novel gill net is a development of the European standardized fish sampling method Norden (standardized multimesh survey net). The net was tested in both lotic (up to 0.5 m s1) and lentic habitats. The results were compared to fish trap data. The novel net produced consistent data on the number of fish species and length frequency of the catch. It was straightforward to handle and is considered to be useful for sampling fish in flowing waters. Further studies are required to evaluate the performance of the net at high stream velocities, and to establish the effort (number of nets) required for good sample precision.

Published in

Lakes and Reservoirs: Research & Management
2015, Volume: 20, number: 3, pages: 182-186