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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2015

Single seed Near Infrared Spectroscopy discriminates viable and non-viable seeds of Juniperus polycarpos

Daneshvar, Abolfazl; Tigabu, Mulualem; Karimidoost, Asaddollah; Oden, Per Christer


A large quantity of non-viable (empty, insect-attacked and shriveled) seeds of Juniperus polycarpos (K. Koch) is often encountered during seed collection, which should be removed from the seed lots to ensure precision sowing in the nursery or out in the field. The aims of this study were to evaluate different modelling approaches and to examine the sensitivity of the change in detection system (Silicon-detector in the shorter vis-a-vis InGsAs-detector in the longer NIR regions) for discriminating non-viable seeds from viable seeds by Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. NIR reflectance spectra were collected from single seeds, and discriminant models were developed by Partial Least Squares - Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA) and Orthogonal Projection to Latent Structures - Discriminant Analysis (OPLS-DA) using the entire or selected NIR regions. Both modelling approaches resulted in 98% and 100% classification accuracy for viable and non-viable seeds in the test set, respectively. However, OPLS-DA models were superb in terms of model parsimony and information quality. Modelling in the shorter and longer wavelength region also resulted in similar classification accuracy, suggesting that prediction of class membership is insensitive to change in the detection system. The origins of spectral differences between non-viable and viable seeds were attributed to differences in seed coat chemical composition, mainly terpenoids that were dominant in non-viable seeds and storage reserves in viable seeds. In conclusion, the results demonstrate that NIR spectroscopy has great potential as seed sorting technology to upgrade seed lot quality that ensures precision sowing.


Iran; juniper; near infrared spectroscopy; NIRS; OPLS; seed sorting

Published in

Silva Fennica
2015, volume: 49, number: 5, article number: 1334

Authors' information

Daneshvar, Abolfazl
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Karimidoost, Asaddollah
Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center of Golestan Province
Oden, Per Christer (Oden, Per)
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre

UKÄ Subject classification

Forest Science

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