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Research article2005Peer reviewed

Relationships of Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV and Cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPV from Iran with viruses of the family Luteoviridae

Rastgou M, Khatabi B, Kvarnheden A, Izadpanah K


Barley yellow dwarf disease is one of the most important problems confronting cereal production in Iran. Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV (BYDV-PAV) and Cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPV (CYDV-RPV) are the predominant viruses associated with the disease. One isolate of BYDV-PAV from wheat (PAV-IR) and one isolate of CYDV-RPV from barley (RPV-IR) were selected for molecular characterisations. A genome segment of each isolate was amplified by PCR. The PAV-IR fragment (1264 nt) covered a region containing partial genes for coat protein (CP), read through protein (RTP) and movement protein (MP). PAV-IR showed a high sequence identity to PAV isolates from USA, France and Japan (96-97%). In a phylogenetic analysis it was placed into PAV group I together with PAV isolates from barley and oats. The fragment of RPV-IR (719 nt) contained partial genes for CP, RTP and MP. The sequence information confirmed its identity as CYDV. However, RPV-IR showed 90-91% identity with both RPV and Cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPS (CYDV-RPS). Phylogenetic analyses suggested that it was more closely related to RPS. These data comprise the first attempt to characterise BYD-causing viruses in Iran and southwest Asia

Published in

European Journal of Plant Pathology
2005, Volume: 113, number: 3, pages: 321-326
Publisher: SPRINGER

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    Agricultural Science

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