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Report, 2005

Working conditions for forest machine operators and contractors in six European countries

Vik, Tore


The aim of the present report is to give information about working conditions, social conditions and safety and health conditions for contractors and machine operators in the logging industryin six European countries. This has been achieved through the distribution of questionnaires(Annex 1) and performance of personal interviews (Annex 2). 359 questionnaires were collectedand 118 interviews carried out. A data matrix was constructed with all data from the questionnaireand a condensed version of the interviews worked out. In the present report selected data ispresented and discussed. The data has been presented in tables and figures where the agedistribution, type of employment (contractor or machine operator), type of machine and coun-try has been used for the presentation. Social conditions include family status and number ofchildren, housing conditions and education. Working conditions include employment situa-tion, work background, typical workday and current work. During the interviews the participantswere asked about reasons to select the occupation, employment situation, contract conditions,co-operation and productivity. Safety and health conditions were covered by questions onsick-leave, feeling fit for a new work-day and specially pains in the musculo/skeletal system.Distinct differences have been found between contractors and employed machine operatorsand by nation

Published in

Rapport - Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för skogens produkter och marknader
2005, number: 25
Publisher: SPM/SLU

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Forest Science

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