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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2016

Molecular characterisation of Porcine rubulavirus (PorPV) isolates from different outbreaks in Mexico

Cuevas Romero, Julieta Sandra; Rivera-Benítez, J. F.; Cuevas Romero, Julieta Sandra; Blomström, Anne-Lie; Ramliden, Miriam; Hernandez-Baumgarten, Eliseo; Hernández-Jáuregui y Alvarez, Pablo; Ramírez-Mendoza, H.; Berg, Mikael


Since the report of the initial outbreak of Porcine rubulavirus (PorPV) infection in pigs, only one full-length genome from 1984 (PorPV-LPMV/1984) has been characterised. To investigate the overall genetic variation, full-length gene nucleotide sequences of current PorPV isolates were obtained from different clinical cases of infected swine. Genome organisation and sequence analysis of the encoded proteins (NP, P, F, M, HN and L) revealed high sequence conservation of the NP protein and the expression of the P and V proteins in all PorPV isolates. The V protein of one isolate displayed a mutation that has been implicated to antagonise the antiviral immune responses of the host. The M protein indicated a variation in a short region that could affect the electrostatic charge and the interaction with the membrane. One PorPV isolate recovered from the lungs showed a mutation at the cleavage site (HRKKR) of the F protein that could represent an important factor to determine the tissue tropism and pathogenicity of this virus. The HN protein showed high sequence identity through the years (up to 2013). Additionally, a number of sequence motifs of very high amino acid conservation among the PorPV isolates important for polymerase activity of the L protein have been identified. In summary, genetic comparisons and phylogenetic analyses indicated that three different genetic variants of PorPV are currently spreading within the swine population, and a new generation of circulating virus with different characteristics has begun to emerge.


Porcine rubulavirus; Epidemiology; Genetic variants

Published in

Virus Genes
2016, Volume: 52, number: 1, pages: 81-90
Publisher: SPRINGER