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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2016

Evidence for two protein-coding transcripts at the Igf2as locus

Carolina, Duart-Garcia; Philippe, Plattet; Remy, Bruggmann; Cedric, Simillion A. M. V.; Irene, Keller; Goran, Andersson; Martin, Braunschweig H.


The insulin-like growth factor 2 antisense (Igf2as) gene is part of the Ins-Igf2-H19 imprinted gene cluster. The function of the paternally expressed Igf2as is still elusive. In our previouswork,we showed that Igf2as transcripts were located in the cytoplasm of C2C12 mouse myoblast cells, associated with polysomes and polyadenylated suggesting that Igf2as is protein coding. In the presentwork, the protein coding capacity of Igf2as was investigated. We demonstrate for the first time the existence of a polypeptide translated froman Igf2as construct. Furthermore, an RNA-Seq analysiswas performed using RNA prepared from skeletal muscles of newborn wild-type and ΔDMR1-U2 mice to further elucidate the function of Igf2as transcripts. We found no evidence for a regulatory role of Igf2as in the imprinted gene cluster. Interestingly, the RNA-Seq analysis indicated that Igf2as plays a role in the energy metabolism, the cell cycle, histone acetylation and muscle contraction pathways. Our Igf2as investigations further elucidated that there are two distinct Igf2as transcripts corresponding to two putative ORFs.


Igf2as; Protein coding; Transcription; RNA-Seq

Published in

Gene Reports
2016, Volume: 4, pages: 60-66

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