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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2016

A forest simulation approach using weighted Voronoi diagrams. An application to Mediterranean fir Abies pinsapo Boiss stands

Abellanas, Begoña; Abellanas, Manuel; Pommerening, Arne; Lodares, Dolores; Cuadros, Simón


Aim of study: a) To present a new version of the forest simulator Vorest, an individual-based spatially explicit model that uses weighted Voronoi diagrams to simulate the natural dynamics of forest stands with closed canopies. b) To apply the model to the current dynamics of a Grazalema pinsapo stand to identify the nature of its competition regime and the stagnation risks it is currently facing.Area of study: Sierra del Pinar de Grazalema (S Spain)Material and methods: Two large plots representative of Grazalema pinsapo stands were used to fit and validate the model (plus 6 accesory plots to increase the availability of mortality data). Two inventories were carried out in 1998 and 2007 producing tree size and location data. We developed a forest simulator based on three submodels: growth, competition and mortality. The model was fitted, evaluated and validated for Grazalema plots. The simulation outputs were used to infer the expected evolution of structural diversity of forest stands.Main results: Vorest has proved to be a good tool for simulating dynamics of natural closed stands. The application to Grazalema pinsapo stands has allowed assessing the nature of the main processes that are driving its development pathway. We have found that the prevailing size-asymmetric competition dominates the self-thinning process in small-sized trees. At the same time, there is an active tree-size differentiation process.Research highlights:Vorest has proved to be a good tool for simulating natural stands with closed canopies.The Grazalema pinsapo stand under consideration is currently undergoing a natural process of differentiation, avoiding longterm stagnation.


Vorest; stand dynamics; individual-based forest model; spatially explicit forest model; pinsapo

Published in

Forest Systems
2016, Volume: 25, number: 2

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