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Report, 2016

Expeditionsrapport IBTS, augusti 2016

Bland, Barbara; Hjelm, Joakim


The Institute of Marine Research is responsible for the trawl survey in the Skagerrak and the Kattegat areas of the North Sea. This survey is conducted twice annually, in quarters 1 and 3. The French bottom trawl GOV is used for sampling demersal species.During this survey a total of 45 valid hauls were towed, 26 hauls in the Skagerrak and 19 in the Kattegat. The catch comprised 57 species of fish. The biological sampling, which includes collection of otoliths for age analysis, was done on the most important commercial species. In total 4 225 otoliths were collected from 11 species.


trål, fisk, IBTS

Published in

Aqua reports
2016, number: 16
ISBN: 9789157694409
Publisher: Institutionen för akvatiska resurser, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet