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Characterization and Application of Passive Samplers for Monitoring of Pesticides in Water

Ahrens, Lutz; Daneshvar, Atlasi; Lau, Anna E.; Kreuger, Jenny


Five different water passive samplers were calibrated under laboratory conditions for measurement of 124 legacy and current used pesticides. This study provides a protocol for the passive sampler preparation, calibration, extraction method and instrumental analysis. Sampling rates (RS) and passive sampler-water partition coefficients (KPW) were calculated for silicone rubber, polar organic chemical integrative sampler POCIS-A, POCIS-B, SDB-RPS and C-18 disk. The uptake of the selected compounds depended on their physicochemical properties, i.e., silicone rubber showed a better uptake for more hydrophobic compounds (log octanol-water partition coefficient (K-OW) > 5.3), whereas POCIS-A, POCIS-B and SDB-RPS disk were more suitable for hydrophilic compounds (log K-OW < 0.70).


Environmental Sciences; Issue 114; passive sampling; POCIS; SDB-RPS disk; C-18 disk; silicone rubber; pesticides; surface water; sampling rates (R '(S)); passive sampler-water partition coefficients (K '(PW)); calibration

Published in

Journal of Visualized Experiments
2016, number: 114, article number: 54053