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Conference abstract2005

Diabetes in dogs: feeding, exercise and weight as possible predisposing factors

Hedhammar Åke, Sallander Marie, Klinkenberg Hanna
Sallander, Marie (ed.); Hedhammar, Åke (ed.)


In human diabetes type II, overweight as well as lack of exercise is documented as significant risk factors. So far no published data have proven obesity or exercise to be risk factors in canine diabetes of type I or II. To indicate risk factors for canine diabetes mellitus (CDM), an epidemiological pilot study was conducted on 20 consecutive dogs diagnosed with CDM at the Small Animal Clinic at the veterinary faculty of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala between 2000 and 2003. A control group of 40 dogs, matched for age, sex and breed, was recruited from the register at the Swedish Kennel Club. The owners of cases and controls received a questionnaire on feeding patterns, diet, activity, weight and owner perceived body condition score prior to a diagnosis of CDM in cases and at a similar period for controls. A telephone interview explored the variables in more detail 2 weeks after the owners having received the questionnaire. The results showed no difference between groups in the proportion fed home-made food or table food versus commercial diets, but owners of cases gave treats more regularly. There was a significant difference between the groups in the amount and intensity of exercise received before the diagnosis of CDM. Fewer dogs that developed CDM received high intensity training and they received training less often. A difference was also found in weight as evaluated by the owner. Dogs that developed CDM were significantly more often overweight at the age of diagnoses and more often had a history of lifelong overweight. The findings indicate that also in dogs, overweight and lack of exercise should be considered as risk factors and taken into account in preventive measures as well as design of research to elucidate on the multi-factorial background of diabetes in dogs

Published in

Publisher: Waltham Center of Pet Nutrition, England


The Waltham International Nutritional Sciences Symposium - Innovations in Companion Animal Nutrition

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Animal and Dairy Science
Veterinary Science

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