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Conference paper, 2016

Dimensional stability and mechanical properties of exoxidized vegetable oils as wood preservatives

Jebrane, Mohamed; Demirel, Gaye Kose; Temiz, Ali; Demirel, Samet; Terziev, Nasko; Gezer, Engin Derya; Ertas, Murat


In recent years, some vegetable oils such as linseed oil and soybean oil, have been used to preserve wood material, and contain no environmentally hazardous chemicals or chemicals harmful to humans. However, based on early studies related to vegetable oils, it was found that vegetable oils do not chemically bond with the wood structure, but rather only fill the cavities in the wood structure. This acts only to prevent the water uptake into wood. Because vegetable oils only act as a barrier to prevent water absorption, higher oil retentions (400 kg/m3 - 600 kg/m3) which are not cost-effective, would be needed to be effective in protecting wood. In this study, to reactivate oil and improve the bonding ability between oil and wood components, epoxidation of vegetable oil was targeted. Thus, more cost-effective oil retention levels between 80 kg/m3 and 270 kg/m3 were used due to treat the wood. With epoxidized vegetable oils, oil acids are able to bond to sites normally occupied by water molecules. This study also aimed to reduce leaching of boron compounds.


epoxidized linseed oil; epoxidized soybean oil; mechanical test; water absorption

Published in

Book title: Proceedings of the 2nd COST Action FP1407 International Conference – Innovative production technologies and increased wood products recycling and reuse
ISBN: 978-80-7509-429-2
Publisher: Mendel University in Brno


Second COST Action FP1407 International Conference Brno, Czech Republic, 29–30th September 2016,

Authors' information

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Products
Demirel, Gaye Kose
Karadeniz Technical University
Temiz, Ali
Karadeniz Technical University
Demirel, Samet
Karadeniz Technical University
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Products
Gezer, Engin Derya
Karadeniz Technical University
Ertas, Murat
Bursa Technical University

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Materials Chemistry
Other Materials Engineering
Paper, Pulp and Fiber Technology

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