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The INtegrated CAtchment model of phosphorus dynamics (INCA-P): Description and demonstration of new model structure and equations

Jackson-Blake, Leah A.; Futter, Martyn; Whitehead, Paul G.


INCA-P is a dynamic, catchment-scale phosphorus model which has been widely applied during the last decade. Since its original release in 2002, the model structure and equations have been significantly altered during several development phases. Here, we provide the first full model description since 2002 and then test the latest version of the model (v1.4.4) in a small rural catchment in northeast Scotland. The particulate phosphorus simulation was much improved compared to previous model versions, whilst the latest sorption equations allowed us to explore the potential time lags between reductions in terrestrial inputs and improvements in surface water quality, an issue of key policy relevance. The model is particularly suitable for use as a research tool, but should only be used to inform policy and land management in data-rich areas, where parameters and processes can be well-constrained. More long-term data is needed to parameterise dynamic models and test their predictions. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Phosphorus; Process-based; Model; Catchment; Watershed; Water quality

Published in

Environmental Modelling and Software
2016, Volume: 83, pages: 356-386

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    SDG6 Clean water and sanitation
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    Environmental Sciences

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