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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2016

Redox regulation of the MED28 and MED32 mediator subunits is important for development and senescence

Shaikhali, Jehad; Davoine, Celine; Bjorklund, Stefan; Wingsle, Gunnar


Mediator is a conserved multi-protein complex that acts as a bridge between promoter-bound transcriptional regulators and RNA polymerase II. While redox signaling is important in adjusting plant metabolism and development, the involvement of Mediator in redox homeostasis and regulation only recently started to emerge. Our previous results show that the MED10a, MED28, and MED32 Mediator subunits form various types of covalent oligomers linked by intermolecular disulfide bonds in vitro. To link that with biological significance we have characterized Arabidopsis med32 and med28 mutants and found that they are affected in root development and senescence, phenotypes possibly associated to redox changes.


Mediator; Redox; Senescence; Root development; Oligomerization

Published in

2016, Volume: 253, number: 3, pages: 957-963