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Research article2019Peer reviewed

The Discursive Resistance of Men to Gender-equality Interventions: Negotiating "Unjustness" and "Unnecessity" in Swedish Forestry

Johansson, Kristina; Andersson, Elias; Johansson, Maria; Lidestav, Gun


This article adds to the understanding of men’s discursive resistance in relation to gender-equality interventions at work. Using Swedish men forestry professionals as the empirical base, the result shows how discursive resistance were performative acts, part of the construction of the same gender-equality interventions and organizational contexts that they were perceived to describe. In this case, direct opposition to gender equality provided a limited discursive position and sets of logics available in practice. Instead, the possibilities to renegotiate gender-equality interventions as unjust and unnecessary required, we conclude that the industry’s ambition to hire and promote more women was perceived to have led to the use of affirmative action and the disruption of meritocratic principles and that the problems of gender equality were placed in the traditional forestry and among “prejudiced old men,” as oppose to the more “modern” and “women friendly” forestry of today.


masculinity; discursive resistance; gender-equality intervention; men's resistance; Swedish forestry

Published in

Men and masculinities
2019, Volume: 22, number: 2, pages: 177-196