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Conference paper, 2005

Camera-spectrometer for multi- and hyperspectral imaging

Hamid, Muhammed Hamed; Bergholm, Fredrik


This paper presents a novel approach for modifying an ordinary digital camera to be able to generate multior hyperspectral images. The basic idea is to use miniature (spatially and spectrally) overlapping colormosaic filters with a spatial resolution which is as close as possible to the actual resolution of the sensor plate. What is new here is that common (cheap) printing techniques can be used to produce these filter mosaics. The resulting image which shows locally filtered scene areas, can be transformed into a hyperspectral image by considering each group of neighboring pixels and transforming it into a single image element in the final hyperspectral image


Hyperspectral imaging

Published in

Proceedings SSBA 2005
2005, pages: 45-48
Publisher: Malmö University


Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis Symposium - SSBA 2005

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