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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2017

ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Dicistroviridae

Valles, S. M.; Chen, Y.; Firth, A. E.; Guerin, D. M. A.; Hashimoto, Y.; Herrero, S.; de Miranda, J. R.; Ryabov, E.


Dicistroviridae is a family of small non-enveloped viruses with monopartite, linear, positive-sense RNA genomes of approximately 8-10 kb. Viruses of all classified species infect arthropod hosts, with some having devastating economic consequences, such as acute bee paralysis virus in domesticated honeybees and taura syndrome virus in shrimp farming. Conversely, the host specificity and other desirable traits exhibited by several members of this group make them potential natural enemies for intentional use against arthropod pests, such as triatoma virus against triatomine bugs that vector Chagas disease.


Dicistroviridae; ICTV Report; taxonomy

Published in

Journal of General Virology
2017, Volume: 98, number: 3, pages: 355-356

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