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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2017

Studies on the transmission and tissue distribution of Antheraea pernyi iflavirus in the Chinese oak silkmoth Antheraea pernyi

Geng, Peng; Li, Wenli; de Miranda, Joachim R.; Qian, Zhou; An, Lijia; Terenius, Olle


Antheraea pernyi Iflavirus (ApIV) is a virus that is the likely causative agent of A. pernyi Vomit Disease (AVD). The virus is maintained in A. pernyi populations as an unapparent infection by as yet unknown transmission routes. The mechanisms by which an infection results in AVD are also not yet known. Both these factors were investigated in this study. A. pernyi larvae were fed or injected with ApIV, but only injection led to active replication and spread of ApIV to the head, epidermis, hemocytes, gut, fatbody, ovary and testis. Twenty percent of ApIV-injected pupae produced ApIV-infected offspring as adults, proving that ApIV can be transmitted vertically. As a confirmation of vertical transmission occurring also in nature, 53 A. pernyi couples were collected from areas where ApIV has been detected. Eleven of these couples produced ApIV-infected offspring, again pointing to a vertical transmission of ApIV.


Transmission; ApIV; Antheraea pernyi; Iflavirus; Tissue distribution

Published in

2017, Volume: 502, pages: 171-175