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A conceptual framework for integrated pest management

Stenberg, Johan A.


The concept of integrated pest management (IPM) has been accepted and incorporated in public policies and regulations in the European Union and elsewhere, but a holistic science of IPM has not yet been developed. Hence, current IPM programs may often be considerably less efficient than the sum of separately applied individual crop protection actions. Thus, there is a clear need to formulate general principles for synergistically combining traditional and novel IPM actions to improve efforts to optimize plant protection solutions. This paper addresses this need by presenting a conceptual framework for a modern science of IPM. The framework may assist attempts to realize the full potential of IPM and reduce risks of deficiencies in the implementation of new policies and regulations.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM); plant protection; synergies; regulations; policies

Published in

Trends in Plant Science
2017, Volume: 22, number: 9, pages: 759-769

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    SLU Plant Protection Network

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    Agricultural Science
    Genetics and Breeding

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