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Arabidopsis MSI1 Is Required for Negative Regulation of the Response to Drought Stress

Alexandre, Cristina; Moeller-Steinbach, Yvonne; Schoenrock, Nicole; Gruissem, Wilhelm; Hennig, Lars


Arabidopsis MSI1 has fundamental functions in plant development. MSI1 is a subunit of Polycomb group protein complexes and Chromatin assembly factor 1, and it interacts with the Retinoblastoma-related protein 1. Altered levels of MSI1 result in pleiotropic phenotypes, reflecting the complexity of MSI1 protein functions. In order to uncover additional functions of MSI1, we performed transcriptional profiling of wild-type and plants with highly reduced MSI1 levels (msi1-cs). Surprisingly, the known functions of MSI1 could only account for a minor part of the transcriptional changes in msi1-cs plants. One of the most striking unexpected observations was the up-regulation of a subset of ABA-responsive genes eliciting the response to drought and salt stress. We report that MSI1 can bind to the chromatin of the drought-inducible downstream target RD20 and suggest a new role for MSI1 in the negative regulation of the Arabidopsis drought-stress response.


Abiotic; environmental stress; water relations; chromatin structure and remodeling; transcriptome analysis; development

Published in

Molecular Plant
2009, Volume: 2, number: 4, pages: 675-687

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